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Dive With The Giants Of The Deep!

Diving Mutter589 COMMENTS 13 Aug, 2019

Goliath Grouper 2 Tank Dive

Palm Beach

It’s no secret that divers love to swim with big fish, and Goliath grouper, which can reach lengths over 8 feet and weights approaching 800 pounds, certainly qualify.    Despite their size, Goliath grouper prefer to eat lobsters, crabs and other small animals that they can suck into their huge mouths and swallow whole. Divers have little to fear from these gentle giants.


While today it still takes some special effort to find a spawning Goliath grouper aggregation, not that long ago it was virtually impossible.  Over fishing caused such a decline in numbers that spawning aggregations had essentially disappeared in the late 1980’s. But in 1990, the US (and Florida) enacted a complete ban on harvesting these fish.  Since then, their numbers have steadily increased and spawning aggregations have been re-established.

What You Should Know

So, what’s the best way to meet up with a Goliath grouper?  They can be found in the waters off of Palm Beach any time of the year. although you have to know where to look.  Local Goliath grouper are more frequently found inhabiting local wrecks, usually in water deeper than 60 feet.


The biggest thrill comes from swimming with masses of Goliath grouper.  Several spots in Palm Beach County host aggregations with fairly good reliability.

Advanced Certification and Nitrox are recommended but not required, however experience in these types of conditions are a must!

Depths between 70-90 feet.


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