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Protect The Ocean You Love

Environment BMorin COMMENTS 06 Nov, 2021

Tested & Proven Reef safe

Since 2015, Stream2Sea is the FIRST and the ONLY mineral sunscreen that walk the talk and ensure that all our sunscreen and skincare are tested and proven to be safe to fishes and coral larvae. Our Sport Sunscreen is also Protect Land + Sea Certified.

How can you be sure what the best reef safe sunscreen is?

Made with Natural Ingredients. Biodegradable. Reef safe. Chemical free. Green.
These are all very loosely regulated claims with respect to sunscreen safety. We have learned that you can not simply trust that what is on the front of a label is truthful. Certain ingredients in sunscreens like oxybenzone, avobenzone and octinoxate are toxic to corals and reef fish, but are still in products that are falsely labeled as reef safe and biodegradable.

It is safe for YOU, but is it safe for our WATERS?

We have also discovered that just because a product is safe for people does not mean it’s safe in an aquatic ecosystem. Modern science has given us many lab tests to determine the safety of cosmetics, but currently, the only way to determine if products are harmful to fish, coral and other aquatic life is to test them on real subjects.  We put Stream2Sea products through numerous studies to prove our safety, and believe that our products are the safest on the market for all your water, reef and outdoor activities.

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