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Travel BMorin COMMENTS 07 Dec, 2021

March 12th - 19th, 2022

Travel Dates may change - Will update 1st week of January

Sea Saba is a PADI 5-Star Resort as well as a PADI National Geographic Dive Center.

Saba plunges below the sea as steeply as it rises above it. From shallow patch reefs to deep underwater seamounts, Saba offers dive sites suitable for every diver’s level of experience.


Huffington Post recently touted Saba as 5 Reasons Why Saba Should be your Next Warm Weather Destination.

Caribbean diving at its best!

Known as the “Unspoiled Queen”, Saba has a fairytale quality — the sense of being in a place that time has graciously left unchanged, Saba is that secret island which many dream of but few are fortunate to find. With no franchised resorts, casinos, or shopping malls, it’s a very different face of the Caribbean.

 Saba prides itself on being the safest island in the Caribbean. One can take a stress-free walk any time of the day or night. You don’t have to lock your doors, and you’ll notice that locals leave their cars unlocked with the keys hanging in the ignition.

 Experience the charming villages and discover why people take pride in their island and treat each other and their guests with respect and courtesy. Appreciate their culture, and the age-old tradition of the Saba Lace and Saba Spice.

Traveling to Saba from her neighbor St. Maarten is just the beginning of your adventure. The 12 minute flight aboard a De Havilland Twin Otter is thrilling. Touching down at Saba’s airport will be a landing that will forever be remembered & frequently recounted.


 Explore Something Different

 The island of Saba rises majestically from her clear azure waters, stretching her summit to caress the clouds…She is like no other Caribbean destination.

Most of Saba’s 18 hiking trails are the original footpaths used for hundreds of years before The Road was created. Saba offers a variety of hiking & nature trails over diverse terrains from tide pools up to Saba's cloud forest: Mt. Scenery. All trails can be done on your own but are greatly enhanced with one of the park's guides.

Saba’s volcanic origins have blessed her waters with spectacular formations and structural diversity. Enjoy year-round diving with seasonal differences in water temperature and surface conditions. Winter months bring cooler water temperatures ranging from 77°F to 80° Fahrenheit, whereas summer months yield a toasty 80° to 85F  The Saba Marine Park boasts more than 30 permanently moored dive sites. Check out the clickable dive site map for more information on each site.  



7 Nights Accommodations -Dbl. Occ. Ocean-View Rooms
11 Dives with Sea Saba Dive Centre
1 afternoon dive included - Boxed lunch included
Daily Breakfast
Dinner nightly, transportation & gratuity included
Tanks & Weights
Unlimited internet, pool & Jacuzzi access
Roundtrip Airfare from Orlando to St. Maarten
Roundtrip Airfare from St. Maarten to Saba


Based on Double Occupancy

Not Included

Marine Park Fee $4/dive/person
Nature Fee: $1/night/person
Departure Tax: $5/person (cash)

Available Add-ons

Nitrox: $59/unlimited (32%)
Afternoon Dive: $50/each
Night Dives: $85/each

Deposit: $500 (non-refundable)
February 1st-Balance Due

Single Supplement -$510
Non-Diver -$2,299




Saba's Pinnacles 

Not far offshore, Saba ’s famous pinnacles and seamounts, Third Encounter, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Mt. Michel and Shark Shoals rise dramatically from the depths to within 85 feet of the surface. These depths have protected them from any natural storm damage and, of course, anchors. The mere size and abundance of large sea fans and sponges put the added bonus of reef creatures and fish. The structures themselves are not to be missed with the most unique being The Needle, just off in the deep blue from Third Encounter. It’s common to encounter schools of tropical fish, jacks, groupers or even members of Saba's robust shark population. Caribbean Reef, Nurse and Black Tip sharks are the most common to see cruising our waters but there are a few sightings each year Pinnacle of Hammerheads, Bull and a rare Tiger shark. Lucky divers may get to swim with a humpback whale, manta ray or whale shark--things we don't advertise or guarantee but are seen. Although these dive sites are virtually bottomless, they can be safely enjoyed with 100 to 120 foot dive profiles, well within the limits of recreational diving. Man O’ War Shoals, Diamond Rock and Green Island are also classified as pinnacles but have sandy bottoms at between 70 and 80 feet. Although pelagics are not as common at these shallower pinnacles, more bottom time let’s you absorb and explore the many nooks and crannies that are home to every imaginable species. The currents that sometimes prevent diving these sites, yield plankton rich waters for the inhabitants that line the cylinder-like walls of these two knolls. Schools of blue tangs, big eyes and juvenile barracuda frequent these areas. The dark volcanic sand around these sites is home to many interesting critters including flying gurnards, batfish, industrious sand tile fish and jawfish. If you were limited to only one dive on Saba, either of these sites will be the best representation of the healthy reefs and abundance of marine life that the waters of the Saba Marine Park offer. In addition, each of these sites offers the opportunity for increased bottom time when conducted as a multi-level profile with long slow spirals upward around these minor seamounts.

Ladder Bay
Traveling in a westerly direction down our leeward coast brings you to that area referred to by Sabans as The Ladder. Perched precariously on a steep cliff-side are the original steps used by islanders to access Saba. Night The original customs house remains. Prior to the building of the Fort Bay harbor, goods were brought to the island by landing long boats on the rocky shoreline with stout and hearty Sabans carrying the goods by foot up the nearly vertical stairway before reaching the road leading to the village of The Bottom. As such, dive sites off this shore are referred to as Ladder Bay: Customs House, Poriotes Point, Babylon, Ladder Labyrinth, Hot Springs, Ray 'n' Anchors. Volcanic lava flow has created a natural labyrinth of spur and groove formations. If you still question Saba’s volcanic origins, you can place your hands into the sulfur stained sand and feel the warmth of this now dormant volcanic island. 

Tent Bay
Less than five minutes from Fort Bay, our only harbor, Tent Bay offers spectacular diving at Tent Reef Deep, a small but interesting reef. Dives at the vertical Tent Reef Wall can be conducted as a shallow dive, a deeper multi-level dive or as an exhilarating drift Divingdive. The swim through at Tent Reef is a treat day or night with yellow cup corals, a family of black margates, and spiny lobsters. The resident dog snappers have learned to follow night divers and attempt to hunt prey with the assistance of your dive lights. Tent Reef is a favorite for night dives with frequent octopus sightings and a chance to see a manytooth blue conger.


Windwardside dive sites
More dependent on weather conditions are our Windwardside sites: Greer Gut, Giles Quarter, Big Rock Market, Hole in the Corner, David's Dropoff, Core Gut, Cove Bay. The majority of Saba’s diving offers volcanic coral encrusted boulders with only a few Windwardside sites being true coral reefs. The white sand bottoms in these areas give them a different look and feel from the leewardside sites, and serious fish watchers will note different species of reef fish and critters than seen in other areas of the Saba Marine Park. The exposure to the Atlantic side lends itself less to soft corals.  

And finally...
Ask about our special Sea Saba Muck Dive-just another Sea Saba Difference. With the emphasis on "the entire ocean, not just pretty reefs, is worth preserving and observing." Let us take you somewhere different. If you are in to seeing odd sand dwellers and enjoy taking the chance of seeing something unique, grab your camera and let's go...the sand flats in front of the Fort Bay harbor are where our over night moorings for our boats are located. Artificial reefs (even those created by big concrete blocks and chain) serve as foreseen protection and a gathering point for many unique species. We dive each mooring regularly to be certain the mooring is safe and secure for our vessel. Over the years, we have noticed fabulous, obscure marine life at these moorings from Rosy Lipped Batfish and flounder to huge star fish and our own mimic octopus. Best done as a small group on a 3rd dive of e day, just let us know you're interested.

Juliana's Hotel 

It’s easy to fall in into pace of island life. You’ll receive a warm welcome from the people of Saba who have not forgotten the benefit of a friendly greeting, which makes wandering through a Sabanvillage all the more enjoyable. Idyllic gingerbread houses & well-kept gardens resonate the pride the people of Saba feel for their island. Small eclectic bars & restaurants will infuse your nightlife after you’ve hiked a mountain rainforest trail, dove a world -acclaimed dive site or just lazed by a pool with a good book. Juliana’s Hotel has the perfect location, nestled in the lush hillside in the village of Windwardside, where the days are warm, the nights are refreshingly cool, the birds are chirping, and a gentle breeze flows through your room, suite or cottage! Located in the touristic village of Windwardside Juliana’s Hotel is just a minute’s walk from Saba’s finest restaurants, gift shops, grocery stores, museum and much more. While strolling through the streets, you'll acquire the true feeling of real island life ... relaxed and laid-back!

The ocean-view rooms are spacious and decorated with tropical fabrics, plantation furniture and tiled flooring. These rooms have two full-size beds with 100% cotton linens and duvet covers (one room has one king-size bed). All rooms are designed for maximum comfort and feature a private balcony with a hammock. The ocean-view rooms are spacious and decorated with tropical fabrics, plantation furniture and tiled flooring. These rooms have two full-size beds with 100% cotton linens and duvet covers (one room has one king-size bed). 

The Captains' Suites is a unit of 4 rooms, which formerly belonged to the Old Captain's Quarters Hotel. These spacious rooms are a traveler's dream, with glass sliding doors opening onto a private terrace with spectacular Caribbean ocean views.

Shabby chic furniture gives the room a contemporary, clean-lined rustic twist, making it the perfect pick for this nautical themed room. A king size Tempur-Pedic bed, sitting area with a coffee table, kitchenette, closet and a desk that has built in USB ports, create the perfect setting for any traveler.

Each room has a variety of luxurious amenities— Enjoy tiled floors, deluxe bedding, contemporary hardwood furniture, flat screen tv, in room internet access which will make you feel like the ultimate guest on Saba. 


Mini Fridge, Microwave, Keurig® Coffee makers with decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee, tea, sugar and milk

Fully Air-conditioned (individually controlled) with ceiling fans                                                            

Pool / Dive towels

Private deck overlooking the ocean

Bathroom with walk in rain shower, Hair dryer                                   

Flat-screen TV with Satellite                                                       

Spacious closets with ironing facilities                                    

Daily breakfast at Tropics Café

Free Wine hour from 4 - 5 at the Tipsy Goat (except Mondays)

Complimentary Internet Access (1 device per person)

Daily maid service



Restaurants on Saba just keep getting better. Saba offers tourists and locals good value and menus to please most any pallet. Whether you are in the mood for West Indian barbeque, fine cuisine or just a burger or pizza, there are many options.  Fresh seafood is readily available. Vegetarian or even Vegan? no problem! 

You will enjoy your daily breakfast right on Juliana's Property with fresh, in-house farmed ingredients take center stage! Tropics Café provides the freshest ingredients creating a distinctive dining experience for our guests. You and I both know that fresh just tastes better! 

You will be a part of the Dine Around Program which gives us the opportunity to experience many of restaurants on the island. Each night will be in a different location. Transportation, if needed, will be provided. 


COVID Information

You must be fully vaccinated to enter Saba. 

You will be responsible for getting a PCR Test 72 hours before departure. 

Please be aware, this information is ever changing & we will update you should things change. Please check this link as well for up to date information from the Saba's Government.

Without question, Travel Insurance is a MUST during these uncertain times. 







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