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Black Water Drift Dive

Diving BMorin COMMENTS 11 Feb, 2019

 Join us on Pura Vida Divers as we drift effortlessly in the Gulfstream searching for the unique and rare.  Hovering in 20ft of water over a depth of 400ft in the open ocean, this one-tank night dive allows divers to witness the largest migration on the planet…the diurnal migration.  The Black Water Drift Dives offer macro photographers a challenging and beautiful new cornucopia of subjects to photograph.


Creatures living hundreds of feet below the ocean waves swim toward the shallow depths in search of food under the protection and cover of darkness. See breathtaking bioluminescent creatures, jellies, squid, and the larvae stages of many reef creatures. Each Black Water night dive is different and unpredictable. You never know what animal, small or large, will pay a visit. You could encounter everything from tiny fluorescent-colored eels to adult sailfish and dolphins.  Many of the creatures observed on the black water drift dives are commonly seen on the reefs during the day except they look nothing alike. You see jellyfish, squid, lobsters, fish, eels…but usually all at the larval or planktonic level.  Take for instance this photo of a Florida Spiny Lobster taken on our Black Water Drift Dive.

Florida Spiny Lobster

We also see plenty of the unknown as well.  Alien-like creatures drifting upwards from the depths.

Scale Worm

Comb jellies (ctenophores) are also a fan favorite and widely available to photograph on most dives.



The trip departs around 7:30pm and we conduct a 90 minute dive, drifting in 400ft of open ocean water.

  • Divers hover in ~20ft and drift along with the Gulfstream.  Divers must not descend deeper than 40ft at any time
  • They provide a lighted float line to allow for a visual reference underwater
  • They provide a dive guide on each trip
  • Divers must have an Advanced Open Water or Night Diver Specialty rating in order to participate
  • All divers must have a primary light, backup light and cyalume (glow stick) tank marker

Saturday, March 16th



1 Tank Dive


If you’re ready for an adventure into a world like nothing you’ve seen before, reserve a space today!


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