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Underwater Egg Hunt

Events BMorin COMMENTS 08 Mar, 2019

Long gone are the days of getting excited for the Easter Bunny and all of his spoils — in fact, we are more likely to be giving the little lapin a hand hiding his eggs instead of running amok looking for treasure. But for us big kids here's a new, definitely different, egg-citing tradition.


Join American Divers for our first Underwater Easter Egg Hunt, which is the same familiar egg scenario...just amidst a wreck & coral reef.


Once divers are aboard, Scubatyme will head out to a secret location. The scuba-equipped Easter bunnies, bearing an uncanny resemblance to our instructors & ADI's owner, will submerge to hide their eggs, followed soon after by the egg-hunting divers.


The diver who gets back on the boat with the most eggs, will win a Tovatec UV Light!
Also, somewhere in the depths, will be a special GOLDEN Easter Egg that one lucky diver can exchange for a FREE boat trip!


Real eggs and non-toxic coloring used to prevent any negative ecological impact.



April 6th


2 Tank Trip

Pompano Beach



Reserve your spot today!

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