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Travel Meeting

Events COMMENTS 02 Apr, 2019

     You're Invited to Travel with ADI!

      Diving is FUN! Travel is FUN! Combining the two is double the FUN!

       American Divers Travel Program has always been exciting, we are keeping the tradition going! We Schedule our trips early so that we can include exactly the places/dives we want. Come find out what we have planned for the rest of 2019 and are planningfor 2020!

                                    We want you to join us in the adventure...

                                Come out to ADI on Tuesday, April 9th at 6:30pm

                                             Refreshments will be provided.


 Why Travel with ADI?

Adventure! We travel to some of the wildest, most exciting places on earth filled  with magnificent sea creatures.

First Hand Experience. There's a good chance that our staff has visited the destation of your choice, therefore, we can give an honest evaluation of the destination and marine life encounters

The Best Deals! As dive industry professionals, we are privy to the lattest news and hottest deals available. It's our promise that we will keep our clients abreast of all money-saving specials, new destinations and dive programs

Gear Experts: WE sell and service gear daily. Whether you are headed for the warm waters of Belize, or the cool currents of the Galapagos, we'll outfit you with the perfect gear for your trip. Our technicians can also service your existing equipment or reccomend what you may need for your upcoming trip.

Safety in Numbers! Some divers prefer not to travel alone. Familiar faces will help you feel at home, So consider one of our group trips.

Joining a group trip does not mean that you must be with the group around the clock. When you are not diving or scheduled for other such group functions, you are free to either be with the group as mush as you desire or to have as much solitude as you would like.


Take a look at all the fun we had in Saba!





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