What You Learn

You learn the basics you need to dive under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional. 

 You will:

  • Learn what wearing scuba equipment feels like and how easy it is to move around underwater while wearing it
  • Find out what it's like to breathe underwater and learn whether you can be comfortable there
  • Learn some basic skills and safety rules that will carry over to your full scuba certification course when you take the next step
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The Scuba Gear You Use
All the equipment you will need is included in a Discover Scuba Diving experience. You'll use all the basic scuba gear including a mask and snorkel, fins, a wetsuit, a buoyancy compensating jacket (BCD) that carries your weights and scuba tank, a scuba regulator to breathe from and instrumentation to monitor depth and air supply. 

How to Schedule
1. You must first complete the online portion of this course before we can enter the water. Look for the link below to register. You will need to be on a PC or download the PADI App. 

2. Sign up for one of our monthly scheduled Discover Scuba course. For specific dates, please see courses listed below.

If you would like to participate in our Discover Scuba privately, on your own schedule, please provide at least 24 hours advance notice & the cost is $50 per student. When you sign up for our Open Water Course, we will apply the $50 towards the course. 



Prepare for your Discover Scuba Diving experience with PADI DSD eLearning™. Use your computer or mobile device to learn diving safety fundamentals before you get in the water. You will need to create an account & complete the course including the medical & liability forms. 


Enroll in a Discover Scuba Course offered through American Divers by clicking here.  Once you arrive for your scheduled class a PADI Professional will fit you with scuba gear and explain how to use it. In our heated pool, you’ll practice basic diving skills followed by free time to play underwater.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Total time commitment: 2-3 hours
  • Minimum age: 12

Your Next Adventure
Once you complete a Discover Scuba Diving program, you'll want to check out Open Water Diver certification courses.


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