"Local" Dive Trips
Scuba Diving off the South-East coast of Florida is considered to be some of the best diving in the U.S.!

Why do we drive 2 hours to dive off Pompano and Jupiter?

40 miles of beautiful reef stretch from Miami to Jupiter, as close as 1/4th of a mile from shore. This means the boat rides are short, the water is warm year-round (thanks to the Gulf Steam), and there are literally hundreds of ship wrecks. What's not to love!?

Why don't we dive more locally; Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Sebastian?

The diving off of Brevard County is sub-par at best. The reef is 15-20 miles off shore, which can translate to a 2 hour boat ride just to get to the dive site. Because of the time and fuel needed to take divers out to the reef, Dive Charter services are non-existant. Additionally, the water conditions are not generally ideal for recreational diving. Very poor visibility, strong currents, and drastic thermoclines are the 'norm' off Brevard's coast.

Ok, you've convinced me. So how do I book a dive trip?

It can be difficult or daunting to book a dive trip on your own, especially if you've never dove with a particular charter. Have no fear, ADI is here!

We have long-standing relationships with all of the Dive Charters that we use, and receive a great rate for booking with them, which makes the trips less expensive for you, our customer!

The boats we use go out daily and we do all of the work for you. All you need to do is contact us 48 hours before the day you want to dive and we will book your slot on the boat, arrange for rental gear and tanks, and give you directions to the boat. Then all you have to do is go and enjoy your dives!

  • 2-tank dive trips start at $75. Tanks and equipment are not included
  • Certification must be present 
  • All divers are required to have a signal marker buoy. Please make sure you stop in to pick one up before your dive.
  • Dive trips are non-refundable, unless the boat trip is cancelled due to weather.