Which MASK is best for you?
The mask is, by far, without a doubt, the single most important piece of equipment you will ever buy. It is the window to the underwater world and if it leaks on you, you will be miserable. Trust us, we know from experience!

Finding the right mask for you is no simple feat; every person's face is shaped differently. It is imperative that you allow a professional assist you in finding the mask that fits you properly.

At ADI, we have a very simple Mask Guarantee: We believe that you need an expert to help you find the right mask for you, so if you allow us to fit the mask to your face, we'll guarantee the fit of that mask for as long as you own it (If you step on it and break it, that's a different story). We don't care if it starts leaking on your very first dive, or you 100th. We'll replace the mask or give you your money make. It's that important to you as a diver, so it's that important to us.

So in this case, forget about brands. Forget about bells and whistles. Let us help you find the mask that fits you. That is ALL that matters!