What You Learn

  • Review the theory, principles, and operation of scuba diving equipment
  • Learn about routine, recommended care and maintenance procedures, and equipment storage
  • How to overcome common problems with equipment and recommended professional maintenance procedures (may include a demonstration of repair procedures)
  • Gain simple suggestions for comfortable equipment configurations and an introduction to new gear (may include optional confined water dive to try new or unfamiliar equipment)

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Don’t miss a dive due to a scuba gear issue. Whether it's a blown o-ring, regulator problem, wetsuit tear, or a broken fin strap, you can learn how to manage basic scuba equipment adjustments. This course prepares you for the basic equipment maintenance, care, and adjustments you encounter every day. In addition, you will receive valuable advice on equipment repair and purchase. Dive equipment is expensive; this course will ensure that your investment lasts as long as possible.

The program is not designed to be an extensive equipment-repair program, however, it does provide you with the basic knowledge to identify problems and perform basic repairs that are necessary.

This course will give you the foundation of how to properly take care of your scuba gear and to take care of minor problems.  In scuba diving, any additional knowledge is worthwhile and can potentially go a long way to add to dive safety. How do you deal with a wetsuit tear, a free-flowing regulator, a cracked o-ring, faulty piston regs, diaphragm regs, tank valves, inflators & gauges?  Divers need to be able to spot equipment problems before they happen. The course enables a diver to conduct more effective serviceability checks on their own gear and preempt problems, as well as recognize the causes of equipment failure during a dive that will prevent them from panicking underwater and dealing with the problem in a more effective manner. Since divers spend so much money on scuba diving equipment, it's only prudent that one learns how to properly take care of it and repair minor problems without having to incur additional repair costs.


The PADI Equipment Specialist Course is not an equipment repair course, but it provides the foundation you’ll want if you’re interested in learning equipment repair.


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