3 Tank Dive

This is a 3 tank dive for the diver who likes to experience new things and have a great time.

Saturday, November 26th

Monday, December 26th

Sunday, January 1st

Saturday, January 28th


No pre determined dive sites, and no hard schedule. Sleep in, we will step off a little later than usual. ( 10 am departure )

There will be a grill – with dogs and burgers – and Matts famous pineapple baskets. Come hungry.

There is going to bring a surprise on the boat. You’ll find out what and where, when the Captain tells us to DIVE, DIVE, DIVE !

Possibilities include:

-Using DPV’s (Dive Propulsion Vehicles)

-Underwater Music and games

-Full Face Mask demos with Comm Systems

-Backplate, Regulator, and Fin Demos

-Underwater Challenges and Contests

-Professional Photographers taking your best “Facebook Profile Pictures”

– and more…..

There is NO additional cost for these 3 tank dives – just the normal rate of $90.  Any gear that brought to play with is completely free of charge. Any food served is also 100% included.

All dives on THIS trip will be 70 ft or below.

We do recommend Nitrox on 3 tank trips

Dive with Santa!

On December 11th Santa will take time from his busy schedule and drop down on a local wreck for some face time with bubble makers. Bring your underwater wish list on a slate and take a photo with Santa Bubble. Everyone that wishes to join Santa with get photographed and we’ll give you a copy in case you want a really cool Holiday Card this year. Remember to accessorize!
You will also be serenaded underwater with Holiday Music provided by the Vone Research Team.
Date: December 11th   Departs: 8:30 AM   Where: Pompano Beach   Cost: $55.00

Dive the Blue Grotto

Date: December 31st

Cost: $65 per diver (includes two tanks)

Meeting place: Blue Grotto Resort: 3852 N.E. 172nd Court, 32696 Williston, FL

Meeting time: 9:00 AM

Equipment Included: One tank (air) will be provided. Any additional equipment should be acquired by the divers prior to the day of the event. Contact Calypso for rental prices.

Description of site: Dive the largest clear water cavern located in the heart of freshwater spring country. Depths at the Blue Grotto range from 10 ft to a depth of 75 feet (30 meters) in crystal clear water. Water temperature is about 72 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) all year round!. Calypso does not support diving in the cave portion of the grotto for this event. Cave diving is at your own risk.

FOOD: Calypso will host a BBQ during the event. Dive in the morning and stay for some yummy food!

Contact Calypso for more information or to reserve your spot today! Contact Calypso