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PADI EMERGENCY OXYGEN PROVIDER Be ready when the need arises

The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course with American Dives International

Out of the many PADI Specialty courses for Scuba Divers, there are some that are fun and exciting such as the DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) specialty or the Wreck Diving specialty courses which teach divers exciting new skills. While the Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty may not seem like a fun skill to learn at first, it is definitely a skill that will put your mind at ease just knowing that you are able to react and respond to a situation where oxygen needs to be administered.

The course attempts to ADI's Oxygen Providerteach scuba divers how to recognize diving illnesses that need to be treated by emergency oxygen, and be able to set up and assemble the oxygen kit and properly administer oxygen to the victim. It is also not necessary to be a certified scuba diver to enroll or take this PADI course which makes this equally useful to anyone involved in water sports or water-based activities such as boating, surfing, etc. where the need to administer oxygen may arise.


This course is a natural complement to the PADI Emergency First Response certification, which covers CPR and first aid, and pairs perfectly with the Emergency Oxygen Provider course.

What does the course cover?

The Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty course teaches divers and non-divers that emergency oxygen is a useful treatment for many injuries and the primary first aid given to individuals suffering from a near-drowning or decompression illness (lung over-expansion injuries and decompression sickness). Course participants learn how to provide oxygen in an emergency.

You learn how toProviding Oxygen

  • Recognize diving illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen
  • Properly set up equipment
  • Administer emergency oxygen
  • Safety considerations when using oxygen.
  • Maintaining emergency oxygen equipment


There is no written examination to successfully complete the PADI Oxygen Provider course, and there are no training Dives to be completed to certify. The provided ‘care-at-a-glance card’ is a quick reference guide to pack in your gear bag and review in case of an emergency.


Though suited for divers, this course has no prerequisites and doesn’t include dives, which means it is equally applicable to those who are around divers – boat crew, non-diving buddies, lifeguards, and shore staff. You don’t need any previous CPR or first aid training to take the course.


O2 Kit

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The Emergency First Response certification, which covers CPR and first aid, pairs perfectly with the Emergency Oxygen Provider course. You’ll also want to be sure to complete your Rescue Diver and Master Scuba Diver rating to be the best-prepared dive buddy around.