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REFRESH YOUR DIVING Is it time for a tuine up?


Has it been a while since you’ve been scuba diving? Do you feel like your scuba skills and knowledge are a bit rusty? ADI has a few options to reacquaint you with diving so that you're back to feeling comfortable in the underwater world.

Here are your options;

Self Refresher: As a certified diver, you can schedule a time to come to the shop, hop in our pool, and give yourself a chance to practice your skills and check out your equipment. On the deck of the pool, we have a list of the open water skills to help remind you of which skills you should practice.

Best of all, the Self Refresher is FREE! If you are smart enough to realize you need to practice your skills and check your gear out before hopping back into the ocean, we aren't going to charge you for that! If you need to use our equipment for the day, it's just a $25.00 rental charge

Group Refresher - $75.00: Do you have dive questions you just can't remember the answers to want them answered by a professional? Want to have an instructor evaluate your skills in the pool? Then sign up for our Group Refresher

  • Attend 1 pool session of a regularly scheduled Open Water Course
  • Benefit from the knowledge and skills of an Instructor

The Group Refresher is a great option if you feel you might need just a little guidance!

Rental Equipment Included

*Open Water Dives optional - $70.00 for each 2-tank dive

Private Refresher - $250.00: If it's been a significant amount of time since you've been in the water, then you might want to consider a Private Refresher. This course is based off your schedule, as well as the instructor. You'll receive one-on-one attention and, after assessing your skills, the instructor will work with you on the skills that need practice. This option is best suited for those who might need instruction catered to their specific needs. You will review some academics using a computer or mobile device, watch videos of how to perform basic scuba skills and review dive planning and safety procedures - whenever, wherever it's convenient for you. 

Rental Equipment Included

Updated Certification card included.  

*Open Water Dives optional - $70.00 for each 2-tank dive

Take the Open Water Course again - $399.00: Things change over time. Not only does our understanding of dive physiology change, but the equipment changes and evolves over time. If it's been more than 5 years since you took a course or dived, you might want to consider taking the entire course over again. This will update you with all the current knowledge about today's diving, as well as introduce you to the innovations in equipment that have been made over the past few years.

Rental Equipment Included

*Open Water Dives required - $65 for each 2 tank dive


To enroll in a refresher course, you must have

  • a scuba diver certification
  • Download the required PADI Medical Form* (not for self-refresher)