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It's Only Natural

There are many benefits to being able to find your way underwater. It can allow you to locate a new favorite dive spot or relocate an old one.Being able to get to your designation underwater can save you a long, tiring surface swim and, in […]

Dive Buddy Check

The buddy check is an important accident prevention procedure new divers learn during the PADI® Open Water Diver course. Unfortunately, it’s one of the first things certified divers (choose to) forget. As divers gain more experience, the buddy check is often reduced to one diver asking […]

Shore Dive In Bonaire 2021

An unhurried, unspoiled natural paradise with spectacular sunsets, gentle breezes and crystal clear, turquoise waters   Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire     October 16th - 23rd, 2021   #1 Destination for Shore Diving    Bonaire has an unbroken string of No. 1 titles in Scuba Diving […]

Moustache Tips For Divers

Diving with facial hair can prove somewhat tricky when it comes to getting a good seal on your mask. Whether you have a handlebar or a horseshoe, our list of tips below will help you keep those leaks at bay: Shave the area just under […]