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It's Only Natural

There are many benefits to being able to find your way underwater. It can allow you to locate a new favorite dive spot or relocate an old one.Being able to get to your designation underwater can save you a long, tiring surface swim and, in […]

Would You Know How To Respond In An Emergency Situation

Medical Emergency It’s a phrase that most of us hope to never hear and a situation that we hope to never be in. But if you were to ever be in a medical emergency, can you confidently say that you would know what to do […]

Padi Coral Restoration Distinctive Specialty Dive Program

AN UNFORGETTABLE DIVE EXPERIENCE Joining Coral Restoration Foundation™ out on the water during a hands-on, tailored, SCUBA diving is an experience you will never forget.  The program is designed to suit all levels, letting all ocean lovers have a positive impact. American Divers is teaming […]

Padi Aware Week

  Are you the type of diver who would like to make each dive count?    Get 2 Certifications in 1 Class!   Join us September 19th For a Project Aware Class AND Dive Against Debris Class here at the shop! A 2 tank dive […]

Navigation Course

Have trouble getting back to the boat? Do you like to explore new areas off the beaten path? Then the PADI Underwater Navigator Scuba Diver Course is for you. Whether it’s trying to find the cool swim through you remember from your last dive or […]