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Jupiter Wreck Trek

  Saturday September 28th at 1:30pm with Jupiter Dive Center Price $65   In a nutshell, the Wreck Trek is a series of wrecks that include the Zion Train, Miss Jenny, and the ESSO Bonaire. The wrecks offer goliaths large nooks and crannies where they […]

Dive With The Giants Of The Deep!

Goliath Grouper 2 Tank Dive Palm Beach It’s no secret that divers love to swim with big fish, and Goliath grouper, which can reach lengths over 8 feet and weights approaching 800 pounds, certainly qualify.    Despite their size, Goliath grouper prefer to eat lobsters, […]

Dive By The Light Of The Full Moon!

2 Tank Full Moon Night Dive Palm Beach Sharks come in the winter, then sea turtles in late spring and early summer.  Now that summer is winding down,  it’s time for something new. Goliath Grouper. Starting in August and peaking in September, the number of these […]

Goliath Grouper Dives With Jupiter Dive Center

Did you know that the waters off the Treasure Coast are the only known spawning site for goliath groupers along the Atlantic coast?  The Fun Part You hear them first—a distinctive bark that reverberates throughout your body. Then they come into view and you can […]

Dive The M/v Castor

    The M/V Castor was built in 1970 at the Bodewes Shipyard in Martenshoek, Netherlands.  The original name of this vessel was M/V Dorothee Bos and was designed by the Dutch as a dry cargo carrier used to transport timbers. In 1988, under a […]