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Lobster Mini Season

Diving Mutter589 COMMENTS 28 Jun, 2019

The 2019 two-day Spiny Lobster Sport Season opens at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, July 24th and ends at midnight on Thursday, July 25th.  For the uninitiated, that’s two days of craziness as lobster hunters flood Florida waters in search of their bag limit of the delicious bugs—which for the record is twelve per day off Jupiter & Pompano Beach!

Lobster Class

Taught by our very own Tom Gramlich. He will share with you his lobstering techniques and guide you on the proper tools you’ll need to ensure those delicious crustaceans don’t evade you!


Monday, July 15th


(course does not include any equipment)


Charters fill quickly

Click here to book now!

Wednesday & Thursday

6am & 11:30am


If you needs tanks,


If you are unable to make the class here are a few tips from the Pro’s to help you get your Lobster Bag Limit!

  1. Make sure you've taken the days off from work!!!!
  2. Make sure you’re scheduled on a dive charter with us
  3. Have you had your gear checked since last season?
  4. Are your tanks current & ready to use?
  5. Make sure you have a snare, tickle stick, net, and gloves - whatever your capture technique involves.
    Make sure you have a valid fishing and lobster license, and a measuring gauge
    Watch your gauges. In the thrill of the chase, it’s easy to go deeper and stay longer than you meant to.
  6. Pay attention to your buddy. Hunting or not, the unexpected can still happen. Is your buddy close enough to help? Do you have a plan? How are you going to communicate?
  7. Make sure you are either pulling a float or are with someone who is.
  8. Carry—and know how to use—a surface marker buoy. Let’s face it. Even though there is an in-water guide, you (and your buddy) may splinter off from the group or need to ascend before the guide. Make certain boaters can see you!
  9. Check “MYFWC” for the latest rules and regulations: http://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/lobster/

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